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E-Commerce Solutions

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E-Commerce Solutions

Ecommerce is a popular term that signifies mode of marketing or electronic marketing for online business websites. It is this system that allows a customer to purchase products over websites using different modes of payment. As many customers nowadays turn online to search and buy products different businesses make their websites compatible and secure for monetary online transactions. This enables the user to browse, select and add the products to their shopping carts and later on execute the purchase using payment options. This also helps businesses as it creates profit avenue by exposure to international users. This feature is added to the website with the use of specialized tools and programs. We at ROI Web Tech make sure that you would be able to launch a beautiful online store with an integrated shopping cart.

Types Of Ecommerce Solutions:

The electronic marketing is performed in many different ways and types. Once you come to us, you can choose the best suited option for you from the services available here. Our experts strive hard to make your website compatible for-

  • Business to business marketing - This is also called as industrial marketing where one business performs purchase of products created by other.
  • Business to customer marketing - This is the most popular form of marketing where a particular business is selling products directly to customers present over internet.
  • Customer to business marketing - In this form of marketing, the customer depends on the business provider for products. A known example of this form is automated teller machine.
  • Customer to customer marketing- If your website acts like a mediator where a customer could sell or auction products to another customers, then this type of marketing could facilitate that action. This is commonly seen in websites that allow users to sell their used goods to another user.
Depending on the type of business, you could ask our experts to incorporate features and tools to carry out the type of marketing that would work for your business perfectly.


Many customers and business owners turn online to get materials, lifestyle products, electronics and other items for use. This buying and selling is conducted through ecommerce module. In order to compete with the rivals, the business owners need to make their website functional for this type of transactions. This mode also instills the trust factor in customers regarding safety so that they could freely perform the financial transactions. This could also be used by businesses that sell products widely used by other businesses as basic materials so that the bulk purchases could be conducted.

Benefits of Choosing Our Ecommerce Solutions

Previously the customers got online to check reviews, testimonials and feedbacks about certain products after which they used to buy them from local stores. However, as the online vendors offer comparatively more variety at economical rates, the customers started turning online to shop for their desired products. Here is why should choose us right away:

  • At ROI Web Tech, we as a reputed ecommerce company strive hard to make your website e-commerce friendly so that you start getting the outcomes right from the very beginning. This also authorizes the buyers to disclose their private passwords and other data into secure environment without the danger of hacking.
  • We through our huge team of e-commerce professionals take care of the of safety feature of your website by procuring SSL or other useful security certificates that instill trust in the mind of your users.
  • It is our responsibility to add some useful features to your website that overall makes the purchase hassle-free. This includes an easy customizable shopping cart, one step credit card payment, cash on delivery application and so on.
  • Our company is equipped with the advanced tools of electronic marketing, so you can trust us while building your online store! So, hire us today to mark a powerful online presence!

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